Sharing WebLinks with Pocket,, and GoogleDrive (Updated 11/19/14)

As I was reading about Google updating the Chrome browser on Mac to 64-bit, reading about other stuff that would be great for my team at work to have access to, I wondered how I could get the information to them. There are lots of ways to "tag" work or save it for others and I've played around with those (e.g. RSS).

For fun, though, I wondered what would happen if I had save anything tagged "2ecto" to a GoogleSheet saved in GoogleDrive. I went that route because I already had my personal Gmail set up as a channel; IFTTT only allows you to have one email per Gmail channel. I didn't want to have to change that since I use it for other recipes.

By creating an IFTTT channel based on GoogleDrive, I could use my GoogleApps account to save stuff then auto-share it on a web site.

What Success Looks Like
So, here's what success looks like: (scroll down to see the list of articles)

As you can see from the image, I have a spreadsheet embedded into my GoogleSites page. A brief excerpt from the page appears, as does a link in case folks want to click through to the main page.

A cleaned up version featuring a snapshot of embedded HTML version of the spreadsheet:

Here's the flow:

1) I happen to see a web site I want my team to see. So, I tag it in ReadItLater's Pocket with the tag, "2ecto"

What's neat is that I can tag items from anywhere--phone, tablet, computer--and they immediately show up in Pocket, and then get pushed out to my web page.

2) My recipe takes anything tagged with "2ecto" and saves it to a spreadsheet in my work GoogleApps/Drive account.
Get Recipe: Publish Pocket Tagged Items to Drive Spreadsheet 

3) In the GoogleSheet itself, I have played around with formatting a bit and set up two where the raw data comes in, and the other where the data is auto-sorted in descending order (Z to A). This is the equivalent of reverse chronological order.

This is accomplished using this formula (thanks to this web site for the solution!)...put TRUE for Ascending, FALSE for Descending order on the sort:
=sort(Shared!A:D, 1, FALSE)
This means that this sheet ("Shared"):

Gets auto-sorted and shows up like this:

Note: You may have noticed that my example has the first row with an incorrect date...sorry about that. I actually re-tagged that item and Nov 15th was the original tag date, but chronologically, it's the most recent to be put in the spreadsheet. :-)
4) The final step, I suppose, would be to get folks to actually visit the web page or email them anytime there is a change. This could be done several ways but I will leave those for another blog post.

What fun!

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