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While I subscribe to the idea that we should encrypt all our communications, to be honest, it's often a pain. I try to encrypt top secret text messages to my family using the cross-platform Telegram app. It's easy to use, cross-platform, and allows voice messages in a way similar to WhatsApp, which isn't secure (IMHO).
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come out with its Secure Messaging Scorecard and I'm pleased to see some of the apps I've recommended to others on there, such as:
  1. Telegram: Fails audited code--they've announced a hacking contest, though--and past communications are not secure if your encryption key is stolen. Otherwise, this ranks highly for me as a must-have app. While I have used TextSecure, it's not available for iOS, which means it's not an option (you may also want to read this paper on TextSecure via
  2. Mailvelope: You may recall that this is an easy to use text/messaging encryption tool.
In the future, I hope EFF evaluates file encryption tools. 

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My go-to ones right now include the following in order of preference:
  1. - Free, open source and available for Mac, Windows, Linux and has an Android encryption tool.
  2. Minilock - From their web site: "miniLock uses your email and secret passphrase to generate a miniLock ID. miniLock IDs are small and easy to share online — anyone can use your ID to encrypt files to you, and you can encrypt files to friends using their miniLock IDs." It is quite easy to use, even on a Chromebook.
  3. Secret Space Encryptor - This features a java app and works on Android.
While I still use GPG/PGP, I have to admit that safeguarding a private key can be difficult and I much prefer using one of the 3 tools above.

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