Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Education Today - A Series of Unsatisfactory Moments?

Over at My Island View, Tom Whitby shares the following insight:
After my own reflection on the subject, I see connectedness for educators as an accelerant for reflection. It promotes self-reflection, as well as reflection on education as a system for learning. It also stimulates reflection on the pedagogy and methodology within that education system. The whole idea of connectedness relies on the hope that educators are reflective. If they are not reflective, or lack the vision of the big picture of being connected, then we could have Connected Educator Month, every month for the next twenty years and never affect any change in the system.
Two points that jump out at me in the paragraph above are bold, italicized and/or highlighted. I'm going to pull them out because I see them as quite powerful:

#1 - Connectedness is an accelerant for reflection. 
Wow, absolutely true based on all my years blogging. As a writer, I know that I was reflecting and thinking about ways of learning long before there were blog. When blogs came along, and I started blogging, the reflection deepened and helped me move along in life and career. Over time, though, I started to relax and worry less about accelerating reflection. Some times, you have to take a break. But I definitely see the value in constant connections that foster reflection on one's work as an educator. After all, it's hard to keep doing what you're doing if you know others are doing it better or differently. You have to ask yourself, How could I do things differently?

#2 - If educators aren't reflective and connected, then no changes will be effected in the education system.
You've seen folks by now who are zombie educators, right? Educators who have closed themselves off to learning new things, reflecting on their craft, and only want to get through the day. "Getting through the day," of course, leads to "getting through the week," which leads to "getting through the school year." It is life measured in a series of unsatisfactory moments.

If this is what education is like for you, then you must change. And, the only way to accomplish that is to first to reflect on what you want to be, what you want to accomplish with what time remains.

So...what will you do?

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