Automating FTP Transfers

If you are a school district, there are times when you have to transfer files securely--often, encrypted--from one location to another. It's tempting to want to use built-in utilities in popular server operating systems, but you can also take advantage of for-cost solutions like the ones below (in no particular order and no preference/endorsement implied):

MOVEIt - Provides FTP and PGP support



GoAnywhere Secure FTP

Some of the features most need include:
  • Automating the transfer of files from one server to another
  • Securing the files with encryption (e.g. GPG/PGP)
  • Verification that files were sent and received
  • Encrypted transfer of files
If this has been a need in your organization, how have you resolved it? While setting up regular FTP on a FOSS server is pretty easy, I have been unsuccessful with SFTP setup. Any tips or advice?

By the way, I have to give a shout-out to GoAnywhere's Free Open PGP Studio software!

Update - A few others shared by a colleague:
CompleteFTP $249.00Professional Edition $399Enterprise Edition $899List of Features 

Cerberus FTP Server $249.00Professional $499.00Enterprise $1,295.00List of Features 

Wing FTP $199Secure $459Corporate $899List of Features 

Syncplify One $219.00Pro Multi $349.00List of Features 

FileZilla update 1/9/2015Free
freeSSHD updated 1/23/2013Free

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