Saturday, September 6, 2014

@Postachio Rolls Out New Interface?
Earlier tonight, as the rain poured down in Texas, I noticed that when I added a new note to my Evernote notebook ("pmg"), nothing happened. The note wasn't automatically published to my blog, ATC-Clips at and it appears, I wasn't the only person once this blog entry was shared via twitter:
@mguhlin thanks! I thought I was losing my mind when it wasn’t working.

Update, Next Day: All is now working! I had to rename the notebook in Evernote that housed my notes to mirror the notebook name (after I deleted the one made) and all my entries transferred over. I was also using a non-standard tag ("mg","pub") instead of the standard "published" so I quickly tagged all the entries "published" and everything started appearing.

I had a similar problem with my PostachioEd Series, a "page," so I decided to go check out and see what was going on.

I became aware that they are doing a whole series of upgrades and bug fixes! The new interface for connecting Evernote Notebooks to looks like this:

The biggest change--as far as I can see, and this may be temporary--is that you can't choose your notebook in this interface. Rather, creates a notebook in Evernote to house your "blog-centric" posts. I quickly moved my 186 notes from my "pmg" notebook to the "new" notebook,

Here's what it looks like when you are connecting a notebook in Evernote to In the screenshot below, it was my blog. Unfortunately, this connection didn't take, so I must be on the bleeding edge of some change and will need to wait patiently....

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