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Earlier this week, a colleague in Texas asked,
Does anyone have suggestions for a book study that includes tech integration, instructional practices and is research based? The study is geared for teachers and administrators.
Someone asked me what I thought and here’s my brainstorm in 3 steps:
STEP 1 - Figuring out a Delivery Method
1) You could focus on ONE blog and just freak the blogger out. Someone that would be good for that would be the Connected PrincipalsDangerously IrrelevantSchool Admin Virtual Mentor Program (SAVMP)Michael Fullan articles, etc. This could involve reflections about what is being written (or has been written), reflections on the audio/video podcasts (especially when you consider SAVMP’s content) and more.

Since blogs are more like conversations, why not let the blogger know what is going on? It might result in some interesting collaborations and conversations.

2) Create a blog/edmodo/moodle/wiki and copy-n-paste content or link content, sprinkling in podcasts. You are essentially designing an online course. I like this approach a lot more because you can tailor it to what your folks' needs are, or if you want to push a particular agenda.

A variant of that is to…

3) Create an ePub/PDF ebook of your own--easy to do--and drop all the content in there, then share that "digital text" with them. It will be formatted like a book, it IS a book, and you're the editor. You can use the free, cross-platform open source then use ODFToEPUB to convert content you’ve organized into an ePub ebook. Or, if you are an Apple Mac user, try Pagesas an ePub ebook creation tool. There are other tools, too. If you’re on an iPad, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create something with Book Creator that includes video and audio, as well as text.

Of course, you could also just create a PDF formatted as a book. That’s not hard to do using your choice of word processor!
STEP 2 - Selecting Juicy, Relevant Topics
“What do I include?" Well, you’re an editor now, so think like a reader-what would you, as a reader, find absolutely helpful and worth spending time on? You could do an informal survey (or a formal one) to collect topics, then do some google searches. To start, I'd list out what are the hot button topics of MOST interest to potential participants, then organize it into chapters. There is so much rich content on the web, I don't think this would be too hard.

STEP 3 - Capturing Ideas with Evernote and
I’d also encourage folks to share their reflections as audio or text. If you were using Evernote and (creates blog entries from an Evernote notebook), you could have book study participants email their reflections to the “special Evernote email address," add the @notebook where “notebook" is the name of the book study. From there, setup to point to the Evernote notebook (e.g. @bookstudy1) and voila! Instantly shared ideas and content!

Just some quick ideas. Crazy? Unworkable? You tell me.

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Scott McLeod said…
I would be VERY game for an interactive blog ("book") study where I worked with participants to find posts that were of interest/value to them. Great idea!
@Scott, it's fun to imagine a custom blog series written to encourage a book study. Of course, what would this look like if we just cherry-picked your best stuff?

And, of course, matched your best stuff to the needs administrators have in schools today in a particular situation? It all begins with an interest survey, an observation of what people need.

Thanks for jumping in, Scott!

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