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Sharing Ideas with Freshmen Students via @postachio @evernote #PostachioEd

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In response to my education-focused series--featuring over 13 articles--on the use of Evernote and, Professor Michael Flowers writes the following:
The posting describing this process is very helpful to me. I am used to snapping the class whiteboard, emailing the snapshots to myself, and then adding them to a section of my course website-a process that delays availability for students...and sometimes leads to forgetting (or getting behind on) that final "get it on the web" step. Going the route of will be so much quicker. Also, I will be teaching two sections of a freshman course and the immediate posting process will help me avoid confusing work from the two classes.

I am really pleased that you are putting so much energy into the project. You efforts will benefit many (and give a leg up as well). Although I am a long time Mac user, my wife and I have had cell phones for only two years (we tried holding out...not for any particularly good reasons since I am otherwise a "techie") and so I am still getting used to all the things my iPhone is capable of. Thus I owe you a "thank you".
Consider that Michael is able to create a blog for each of his courses. Each blog will connect to a separate Evernote notebook (also one per class). What a great digital archive of content Michael and his students will have.
Some additional ideas come to mind:

  1. Michael can invite his students to email their content into the notebook simply by giving out his "top-secret" Evernote email address (check your Evernote Account settings), then coaching students on putting the @notebookname in the Subject line of the email. This will deposit their work in the appropriate notebook.
  2. He can write up an outline of his course, placing all materials in the Evernote notebook then this will be accessible for his classes.
  3. He can create a "page" (that's a tag he can add per Evernote note in a notebook that is being shared with that is a "table of contents" that features links to all other entries.
  4. He can activate Disqus commenting to allow students to share their reflections:
What else could Michael do?

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