Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Backing Up and Sharing Your Evernote Notebooks

As I shared in this article, 3 Steps to Walkthrough Checklists in Evernote, you can easily export notebooks from Evernote. In this case, “export" means save your entire notebook as a single file that you can save elsewhere or share with other people.
  • Export = Save a notebook as an “ENEX" file.
  • Import = Load an ENEX file into your Evernote.
To accomplish this, you will need to use either Evernote for Mac or Windows; unfortunately, Evernote Web does not yet provide this functionality.
This tutorial addresses Exporting and Importing of ENEX files and will explore the steps below.
To export a file, you will want to do the following…
1) Right-click on the selected Notebook and choose Export Notes from “EvernoteForms"
2) Rename the file to be exported to whatever you want, in this case, EvernoteForms:
Click SAVE to save the file. You will then see something like this:
You can now email or back up that ENEX file to a USB drive for transport. If it contains confidential information, make sure to encrypt the file by using 7zip format with AES-256 encryption.
To import an ENEX file, for example, one that you found on the Internet, follow these steps:
1) Save the ENEX File to your computer where you can find it (e.g. Desktop)
(This file is hosted at Dropbox: here’s a link to a folder where this ENEX file can be accessed).
Then, choose the ENEX file:
And click on OPEN. You will see the following:
Say “YES" to the question. This will import the notebook to the Evernote Web version and make it available everywhere you access Evernote.
This is what success looks like:
That’s all there is to exporting and importing ENEX files!

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