#iPad Blogging with #Evernote via Postach.io and EverClip

Almost an eternity ago, I gave up blogging through Evernote on my iPad. In spite of Postach.io's claims that you could easily blog content on Evernote--and you can if you do it just so--I found it to be a disagreeable experience. The reason why is that if you clipped something from the web, it would not render properly in Postach.io blog via Evernote...more Evernote's fault than Postach.io. Fortunately, new apps emerge and make things possible.

One simple goal was to find content through various ezines, such as Flipboard, Zite, casual web browsing, Facebook, etc. and then put those into Evernote, which in turn, would allow me to publish an RSS feed for a notebook. This process worked for me because it allowed me to grab the content I really wanted, usually an excerpt from an article (not the whole thing) and then it would auto-publish via RSS to a Twitter stream via IFTTT.com, as shown below:

The process worked until Evernote removed the RSS feature from its notebooks. Still, a short time later, Postach.io came along. It allows you to:
Simply open up Evernote on your desktop or mobile, create a note in your Postach.io notebook, tag it "published", and then sync Evernote. To learn more about creating posts, check out the Creating Posts section.
Unfortuantely, sharing from an iPad app to Evernote almost exclusively gets you an incomplete post. Even if you highlight content in the source, the only information that ends up in Evernote is a title and a link...at least, that was the case until an iPad app known as EverClip 2 (approx $7) came along.
Start EverClip and switch to your favorite apps. Copy any texts and images, EverClip will save these clippings in background.
When you finish your work, return to EverClip. Edit, annotate and organize clippings freely and send them to Evernote.
The EverClip 2 app allows you to copy content from any app on the iPad, then paste it into EverClip 2. As you can see from the screenshots below, that makes the process of getting content into a Postach.io Notebook in Evernote very easy.

Let's walk through the process...

Step 1 - Start up EverClip 2 on your iPad:

Adjust the EverClip 2 settings as shown below so that they reflect the proper Postach.io Notebook and default tag. In the case of my Postach.io blog--which you can find online at http://mguhlin.postach.io--the default notebook is blog and the "published" tag is mg (I like to keep it short and simple).

Now that you are ready to go...

Step 2: Switch over to your favorite ezine (e.g. Zite, Flipboard, Safari, whatever) and use the iPad's highlight and COPY feature, as shown below:

Step 3: Switch back to EverClip and you will see that your content automagically appears.

Step 4: The final step is to view each of your "clips" and press the publish button (a rectangle with an arrow pointing straight up, which is standard on iOS 7). This will drop the content into Evernote and Postach.io will automatically publish it to the web.

Here's what the published blog looks like:

Another neat point is that EverClip 2 will cite the post for you so folks can go read the original and you get to hang onto the part that you really wanted to keep.

Step 5: Publish the RSS Feed for a Postach.io blog to Twitter
If you want your Postach.io blog entries--which originate in Evernote--to appear on Twitter or other social media, you can take advantage of IFTTT.com. Of course, Postach.io also will auto-tweet content for you. But if you prefer IFTTT.com, then this recipe will do the trick:

Results in...

Remember, once you've setup steps 1-5, all you will ever need to do is clip content to EverClip2 and publish it...after that, everything will appear in Twitter or wherever you set your IFTTT recipe to send content to. . .makes sharing easy, even when you're on a tablet away from a keyboard and mouse.


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