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Who uses a dedicated camera anymore? Why not a smartphone or iPad? I asked myself this when a colleague put a Canon camera in my hands and requested I copy the images off of it. Of course, what do I know about cameras? Not much.

The problem? Someone had used a camera with the wrong settings and the images were in some weird format--not JPG or PNG--couldn't be used easily, and worse, standard conversion with tools like THE GIMP (even after installing UFRaw plugin) yielded a JPG that was pink-purple all over...absolutely unusable. "Sure, why not," I replied, as I thought to myself, I hope this isn't too hard. I've never worked with one of these fancy cameras before!

The image format was Canon's CR2 format. If you google how to convert this image format, you'll find lots of web sites sharing about it. The fun part was that I was booted into #! Linux and really didn't want to switch over to Mac OS X or, worse yet, start up the Windows 7 dinosaur desktop to my right. Using online converters would have been a pain, since there were more than 15 images (lazy, huh?).

The solution ended up being pretty simple...after time spent trying out different solutions. Amazing.  It was so much fun to learn something new.

I will save you the struggle, the drama...XnConvert did the job:
XnConvert is a powerful and free cross-platform batch image processor, allowing you to combine over 80 actions. Compatible with 500 formats.
It's cross-platform, which means it runs on all major operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit. And, if you don't want a GUI, you can always get the command line version (NConvert) and use that instead.

Have lots of images to convert from CR2 (or anything) to something else? Give XnConvert a shot.

(BTW, ImageMagick's convert command (for fellow GNU/Linux users) didn't quite get the job done since it accomplished the conversion but didn't deal with the pink-purple color tone).

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