Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Copy Files to Your iPad with UbuntuLinux

Looking for an easy way to copy files to your iPad running iOS 7?

This approach makes it very easy to copy files from your computer's hard drive or an external USB drive to your iPad. I just start up UbuntuLinux off a USB flash drive when I want to copy lots of files--music, video, ebooks--to my iPad.

What iPad Documents area looks like on UbuntuLinux

Here's one approach:
1) Save a copy of the UbuntuLinux install CD and put it on a USB flash drive with Unetbootin (works on Mac, Windows, or Linux)
  1. Get UNetbootin which will install the .iso file on the thumbdrive -
  2. Download UbuntuLinux ISO file (on newer computers, use 64-bit; older computers, 32-bit)
  3. Run UNetbootin
  4. Point the install at the Ubuntu .iso file
  5. Select the USB drive where you want to install.
  6. Start the process and wait a few minutes until it is complete.
  7. Reboot your computer and press the function key (F12 on Dells usually) so you can tell the computer to start from USB device.
2) Boot up off the USB flash drive into UbuntuLinux (not to install, only to run in "Live" mode where you are testing it out). Don't worry, you can still boot back to Windows or Mac, whatever you want.

3) Plug in your iPad, making sure to type in your code (in case  you have that turned on your iPad) before plugging in. The file manager will pop up and you'll be able to see your iPad as two drives in the FileManager. One of the drives will be called Documents and you can open that.

4) Once you open that, find your app that allows you to do stuff.
For me, that could be either Readdle Documents (free, awesome ebook, movie, file viewer) or iFiles (costs $3.99).

When you double-click on the Readdle Documents app, you'll be able to drag-n-drop content into the space.

Isn't this easier than using a Mac and/or trying to copy stuff over a WiFi network?


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