Monday, May 5, 2014

Backing Up Your GoogleDrive Data

I'm going to be shifting schools next year and the my domain admin have disabled the ability to transfer ownership of the docs I've made in the past three years. What's the best way to migrate/download/archive my stuff to my personal google account so I don't lose everything when I leave?
I know that google takeout does something similar, or I could do the more time consuming download of each folder, but is there an easier way?
There are various ways to approach this problem. Here are two that I'm aware of for moving content from GoogleDrive to somewhere else:

Approach #1 - Use Cloud HQ
This is a great approach that I highly recommend because it allows you to easily backup all your GoogleDrive content from a GoogleApps for Education account to a personal Drive account, or a variety of other storage locations. I've used it several times, and it works flawlessly.

Check out CloudHQ

Notice that you can also add content in Gmail, but I haven't tried that. I use this approach instead and it has worked quite well for me.

Approach #2 - Use Google TakeOut
If you just want to get your files OUT of GoogleDrive and save them to your hard drive, then this approach may work a lot better for you. While CloudHQ will send stuff from one cloud storage to another, Takeout allows you to save your work to your computer's hard drive (or an external drive).
Try Google TakeOut
I recommend you read Eric Simmons' instructions on the subject, an excerpt of which appears below:
Google Takeout is a tool that let's you download a copy of almost all your Google Apps data on the web. You can also choose to just download the data you need, such as Drive and YouTube.
It downloads all of your online stuff as one LARGE file, depending on how many things you have uploaded to the cloud. You can use that downloaded folder to transfer (upload) your data and information to another school or personal Google Account in the future.
What solutions have you used?

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