Sunday, April 13, 2014

miniCAST 2014 - An Invitation to Present from @timholt2007

Dear PLN member,

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, the Science Teachers Association of Texas (Region 19) will host a one day science and technology conference called miniCAST 2014.

( Here is more info about it: )

We are expecting about 500 educators this year from all over west Texas and southern New Mexico.

One of the strands we are having this year is a “Virtual Strand” when presenters do not have to actually have to be in El Paso to present, but still can present. (We understand that not very one can run to El Paso on a moment’s notice, although we do have electricity and running water, contrary to popular opinion!)

I know that you all have something to share, and it would be a great treat for the educators in the El Paso area to be able to meet you, even if it is through Skype or a webinar setting.

Won't you please consider presenting virtually (or in person!) at miniCAST 2014, in El Paso? It should only take an hour or so (unless you want to present multiple times) and I know that teacher sour here will be very grateful.

The topics are wide open, even if it does have a “science theme.” Any kind of technology will work.

Here is the link to the Call for Presenters:

(Also, if you could let your PLN know about this opportunity, that would be most appreciated. )

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

I really hope that you can participate in miniCAST even if you cannot be here physically.  I cannot offer anything more than thanks for helping out, but rest assured that your help will be multiplied many times. 

Thanks again for your help. 

Tim Holt (Twitter | Blog)

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Tim Holt said...

Thank you for posting!
I hope that your readers will consider this opportunity.

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