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Earlier today, I received an email from's Anna regarding a beta service for offering feedback on online student writing.
What's fascinating is the approach they take to accomplishing the feedback, which give the online feedback a "paper" approach. Here's an excerpt from the email Anna Maybank, co-founder, sent me:
We've created an editing experience that closely resembles scribbling notes over a physical piece of paper - something we think that's ideal for grading, giving student feedback and peer-to-peer support.
We're still in private beta and we have a limited number of invitations to give away to any students (and professors!) who would like to try out the service.  
This link should be good for 50 accounts:
The feedback Poetica enables more finely grained controls that what you see in GoogleDocs, which is what looked like to me when I first saw it. However, it quickly differentiates itself from GoogleDocs in the kinds of ways you can leave feedback. As a writing teacher, I definitely see as a useful alternative to providing feedback to student pieces.

You'll see what I mean in the screenshots below...

I definitely recommend that you check it out, in particular since Anna has been so generous as to offer 50 accounts (49 now that I've played around with it).

One additional point--Anna mentions that this is an "app" and I immediately asked if it was available for iPad, Android devices. The answer is as follows:
For now, it’s just accessible in the browser. We’ve *almost* finished optimising it for tablet/mobile use, also in a browser - but right now it only works properly on desktops. Give us a few weeks and we think it’ll work beautifully.
In the next few months, we’re probably going to make it available as an app in stores as well, but we’re not quite there yet. Source: Email from Anna
Of course, this works fine in the browser so Chromebooks won't have any issues!

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