Lab of Netbooks

"How many of you have created a lab of netbooks?" When I first ran across a lab of netbooks, the network cables looked like blue concertina wire strung in between devices too small to handle the cabling. I promptly snapped a picture of it and sent it to my supervisor at the time. She was appalled as I was and a crew of technicians was sent to make the lab "more permanent." Still, no surprise when campus teachers led by a principal with a "Make It Happen!" attitude do just that.
In the meantime, we have lots of portable computers that are put into fixed labs and spend a frightening amount of time as a replacement for paper/pencil multiple choice tests.
There are stacks of clicker systems mostly in closets except when pulled out to use for a few minutes as a “fun” way to practice for standardized tests. (Source: Assorted Stuff)
As I read Tim's entry, that image of blue wire strung between netbooks keeps coming to mind. We're scrambling, as a Nation, to go digital, not so we can achieve the vision and promise that digital learning makes possible--creative, collaborate, critical thinking--but rather so we can do more efficiently that which dehumanizes us, that makes us into a series of numbers more easily fit into a legislator's sound byte.

Are network cables our new way of keeping people in digital concentration camps, people left yearning for something more?

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