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In response to my blog entry, Learning Evolves, faithful Around the Corner reader David Phillips shares the following story:
Regarding your post “Learning Evolves: From Cook to Chef in Today’s Classroom,” I was [convinced] a couple of years ago that I needed to stop [chucking] websites, apps and other resources at teachers in workshops.  I’ve been working on building sessions where I design learning using some of the best current tools for teachers to actually do in the session.  I did this with Google Drive/Docs last November at my TCEA Area...conference, and the teachers really enjoyed creating, collaborating and sharing their work.  I used this video as a basis for a response piece on effective teaching and learning:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdxEAt91D7k

Of course, I can’t cover as much ground, but most teachers benefit much more from this approach, especially when my goal is for them to “learn about learning.”
Again, the approach you take is determined by the goals of your workshop session. While it isn't pointless to spend time up front deciding what approach should be taken, I do disagree that all sessions must reach deep. Some of the best sessions I've attended included those that introduced me to a tool that I'd never seen before, but that I could use in various ways.

For example, David Warlick once gave a presentation on deep learning, etc. as a keynote address. In his presentation, he referenced a web site he was using. The reference was only, "This is where you can find my materials online for today's presentation," but I was fascinated by the power of the tool.

The solution was PMWiki, a free open source wiki solution. As a result I learned about a solution that I've used for various purposes:

  1. Setup a classroom wiki for a fifth grade teacher that enabled her students to create online portfolios for digital work.
  2. An ePortfolio site for my own
  3. A wiki site for a large urban district mobile initiative.
  4. Project management wiki
  5. A no-cost document management solution.

Amidst the slides David shared that day, all the neat stuff, only one thing stuck--the one thing I needed and has made me a hero when it counted. So, what's that one thing for you as a learner?

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