Monday, April 21, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Android Apps

Two nights ago, I decided to try out a new app--Clean Master--on my Android phone. It allows you to selectively turn android programs off. Next thing I knew, I had to reset my Samsung Galaxy S4 back to factory settings and then reload it. So, I won't be doing that again. Of course, I had to revisit my list of favorite Android apps.
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Here are 27 essential apps (in my opinion) I loaded on it:
  1. AccuWeather - Great for getting that morning weather forecast!
  2. Aldiko - Allows me to read all my ePub books, as well as view other file formats.
  3. ASTRO File Manager - Never know when you'll need an easy way to poke around the innards of your Android phone's file system, or FTP files, or share content to Dropbox, Drive, etc.
  4. Battery Doctor - A wonderful battery saver that works great! Lots of nice features.
  5. Blogger - In case I need to blog (or more likely, correct) from my phone, this does the job.
  6. Bloove Agent - I've already written about Bloove, but think of it as a bulk SMS tool for sending text messages.
  7. Cal - A simple, beautiful calendar interface.
  8. Clean Master - Nice tool for keeping your phone clean and free of junk that slows it down. Just be careful with it.
  9. CloudMagic - My FAVORITE email program, supports Gmail, MS Exchange ActivSync, and allows you to easily drop emails into "cards" such as Evernote, Pocket, etc. GREAT!
  10. EasyTether Pro - This is how I am able to use my phone as an Internet connection via USB cable without paying extra money to my provider.
  11. Evernote & Evernote Widget - Great scanning and annotation tool, as well as notes, etc.
  12. Facebook - Keep up with family.
  13. Flash 3gp Video Player - Flash video player. Haven't used it yet.
  14. Ftp server - One of my favorite FTP Servers...makes it very easy to connect to my phone and upload files.
  15. GreatClips - Never know when you need a haircut and this allows one to schedule appointments. I would get irritated that I'd have to wait 30 minutes for a haircut, but now with this app, it's a lot faster.
  16. Handcent SMS - A great SMS/texting app that includes speech to text. 
  17. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder - A high quality MP3 audio recorder. Comes in free and paid version; the paid version is worth it.
  18. hubiC - Free cloud storage, 25 gigs, based in France.
  19. i-nigma - QR code reader.
  20. KeePassDroid - Helps me keep track of my top secret passwords.
  21. Messenger - Facebook's instant messaging app. Quite nice.
  22. Pocket - ReadItLater's Pocket is great for bookmarking and saving content for offline viewing.
  23. Regal - Check out the movie schedule.
  24. S.S.E. - A fantastic encryption for files and folders. Works on all platforms so this means I can encrypt content on my computer, store it on my phone in encrypted format, unencrypt it when needed, securely wipe it when done.
  25. ShareMyApps - The app that I used to quickly export a list of apps from my device.
  26. Twitter - Obvious, huh?
  27. WhatsApp - An international app that is great for sending voice messages to others in your contacts. Costs $.99.
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What would be your picks? To this list, I'd like to add Explain Everything and BookCreator.

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