Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Disinterested Leader - Harmonizing Action

"When you go home today," she said to me, "you're going to blog this, aren't you?" Before answering, my brain paused for a micro of a nano-second. After all, she is my direct supervisor. Would I be like Seinfeld's George Costanza, worried that two worlds would collide? But in this case, it would be professional george vs blogger george?
"Oh, not for a few years," I replied as casually as I could. "These kinds of meetings require years of reflection to process."
The disinterested leader isn't uninterested in what goes around him or her. Rather, s/he seeks impartiality with all the passion of a man reluctantly leaving the  stillness of the ocean deep while craving with his entire being the life-giving air of the surface. . .the deeper the experience, the longer one must take to unwrap the lesson to be learned.

Some might say that those lessons from the past echo in our present actions. When we have failed to learn them, they are discordant and mar our present. When we have embraced them, they enable us to harmonize our lives, allowing for peace amidst what appears to be chaos to others.

The ease at which some disregard life-altering lessons can be disappointing, right? Think back on one experience that taught you something, that fundamentally changed how you perceive and interact with the world. Did you stay quiet about it, or did you persist in sharing it with others?

Our experiences teach us one thing, but there is  a disconnect with the people around us. Their reality is grounded in the immediacy of the moment, the culture of the school. Our reality relies on interconnected learning and a new culture we have selectively chosen to join.
One of my greatest learning tools has been Twitter.  It has been a little over four years since I started on Twitter, and have grown to rely on it for many things, especially personal professional development.  There are so many people to learn from, resources shared, and discovery of professional learning opportunities on Twitter.  Just the number of weekly edchat topics is astounding, where educators from around the globe share, discuss and collaborate on various topics.... 
People don’t see the need, or understand the road technology has taken in education, not just for students but for staff as well, at least from what I have learned on Twitter. Ideas and thoughts for personal professional development get the strange stares and wondering on who would participate in a Twitter chat, let alone grasp the understanding of the power of Twitter.
Source: Who Is More Out of Touch? 

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