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It's not every day that I read a blog entry that just hits me between the eyes, and yet, that's exactly what happened when I read this blog entry, 15 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You. As an introvert, I found every one of these points spot on.
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Some of my favorite ones include the following with some quick reflections afterwards:
We like to write things out.We love email because it helps us get what we need without interruptions. Interruptions throw us off course, and we need to expend more energy to get back on track. So, please don’t call unless it is a close-ended question.
One of the bad reputations I get in any organization is my penchant for writing long emails. For me, the written word rules! Forget video, pictures, etc. All of that is nothing compared to the written word. When I write email, I start with a simple draft, then quickly escalate into sections with their own headers. For me, writing an email is a way of breaking up ideas into discrete, easy to digest chunks. I even provide short abbreviated version of the email at the top in the first 5 sentences for fast-moving admins who typically don't like to read.

Each email I write gives me a dopamine boost, I imagine, and being able to organize ideas makes it fun.
We can do the extrovert thing, for a while.We have to do that to get along. We can be the life of the party, host the networking event, and be the chairperson of the charity. We do this willingly, knowing that at the end of the day we can go home. When we get there, it may take days, or weeks to replenish ourselves, and feel ready to do that again.
This one is also particularly true for me. I hate being the life of the party, hosting a networking event, etc. While I'm told I can be charming, I don't really enjoy it. I'd rather grab a Nook or iPad and read. Or, if I'm suffering a caffeine high, write a blog entry.
We are okay alone.We have lots going on in our heads and don’t need more. Unlike our extrovert counterparts, we don’t need others for stimulation.
Yes, it's hard to believe, but I can be alone for extended periods of time. It doesn't bother me and I actually enjoy it. The problem is, I have extroverts in my family and whom I work with...it seems rude to me to not want to enjoy their company as much as they may or may not crave mine (not that it's all that special but if you're in the same space, well, you don't want to ignore them).

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