Monetizing @Flipboard #infographics

Playing around with Flipboard this week, I find myself wondering, "How hard would it be to monetize my magazines?" Consider that folks that "flip" their content into magazines may spend a few hours a day doing that, driven by the urge to find new learning opportunities and share what they are learning with others. Isn't that effort worth something?

Notice the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the screenshot it possible that Flipboard is already moving in this direction?

Wouldn't it be neat if Flipboard was for ezines like Smashwords is for ebooks, making it possible to make content curation a feature you can charge others for? I wonder, of course, at what this would involve for the original copyright holders--all the content owners whose creations are being flipped? Love for someone to illuminate me on the way of copyright.

In the meantime, I've had fun playing some more with Flipboard and hope you enjoy this one...a handy way to capture infographics, as well as the beautiful images that abound on the web:

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