Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Memoriam - Farewell, Dr. Phillip Lineroad

In Memory of Dr. Phil Linerode
It seems only yesterday, I could I hear Phil sharing his advice over a plate of food at Thai Taste, a place we both liked to eat at. In truth, it's been many years since I last heard Dr. Philip Linerode's voice, and while connecting with someone via LinkedIn last week, the news came suddenly, although it was over a year old:
Guess that you haven't heard.
Phil passed away a year ago.  He had a heart attack here in the office.  The ambulance took him the the hospital and he seemed that he was doing OK but then a 2nd one hit.
What a shock to discover an old friend had left. Dr. Linerode, a person whom I admired for his research prowess and intellect, not to mention his sense of the divine and humor, was gone. I remember coaching him one afternoon on how to add audio to a Powerpoint presentation. We had been cast together as part of our work at Northside ISD in the Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) Program. He was an expert in a subject I have found particularly vexing--research methods.

You always imagine your friends and esteemed colleagues will be around forever, but time creeps up on you. It's a lesson to remember. I wanted to hear his voice again, so I decided to re-read a letter of recommendation. I remain grateful for the kind words he showered on me, after my first posting as an administrator. I found that voice resonated most in this excerpt:
 However, over the last four months...During that time frame, I assumed the primary responsibility as local Professor of Record (POR) for the Research Techniques and Procedures class. Additionally he has provided our Testing and Evaluation department with technical support, information and recommendations as we have investigated data collection and analysis tools. As such, Miguel has been my peer, my confidant, my supervisor, and most meaningfully, my friend.
It has been the collective weight of those experiences that allow me to enthusiastically encourage you...
I have a plaque that says ‘In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength’.
Thank you, Phil. You have achieved timelessness in eternity, so I pray these words may find you, though they be a year late.

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