Gasp, Microsoft is reading your email! @wfryer

Wait, did I read that right? Microsoft is just reading user emails they have stored on their servers? But I thought Google was the only one who did that!?!
If you're hiding something from Microsoft, you'd better not put it on Hotmail.
It came out yesterday that the company had read through a user's inbox as part of an internal leak investigation. Microsoft has spent today in damage-control mode, changing its internal policies and rushing to point out that they could have gotten a warrant if they’d needed one. By all indications, the fallout is just beginning. Source: Read complete story
The truth is, if you don't want anyone to read your email, you need to first encrypt it and then make sure you download/get all your email so that no copy is left on the server. Of course, backups will already have been made of your email so the only real way is to encrypt it first.

The problem is, most people you're going to email don't have a clue about decrypting/encrypting. That's why public key encryption, as great as it is, can be a pain. A much easier solution--which I've managed to teach my daughter, thank goodness--is to do one of the following:

  1. Use SSE File Encryptor 
    1. encrypt your email messages if you're on an Android phone/tablet. It's very easy to do this and you get AES-256 encrypted text. You can also use the encrypted text in messaging apps like WhatsApp Messenger (just acquired by Facebook). 
    2. encrypt folders and/or files, which makes it very easy to encrypt your confidential files. This works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
    3. Watch the video tutorial.
  2. Use this page from John Walker but save it to your computer. 
    1. It allows you to easily encrypt/decrypt text. Works on all browsers.
    2. Watch the video tutorial.
And, it probably wouldn't hurt to use another email provider (yes, you have to pay for that privilege) like these:

There are many other apps you can use to encrypt content, whether email or files. These are two I use daily.

Finally, you can also take advantage of tools like Virtru, SecureMail, Mailvelope as ways to encrypt your email:
These solutions don't protect your email header (from, to, subject, etc) but they do protect the contents. Of these 3 email tools, I found Virtru to be the easiest to implement cross-platform.

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