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An eternity ago, but actually, October 29, 2013, I wrote about an OCR to Text to Speech iPad app, Voxdox
Voxdox is an easy to use text to speech application that can convert any kind of text to high quality human narration. Voxdox can also translate the text and read it in a different language. Some students find it easier to study by listening to their materials rather than reading it. Others use Voxdox to study while they perform different activities such as working out or driving. Many visually impaired students or those who suffer from reading disabilities report great improvements in their grades when using Voxdox.
It's worth revisiting this since they just announced the following:
Whether you are a manager, a staff member or even a student, you can provide your institution with free access to Voxdox. Please fill out the form above and our team will contact you shortly. After we validate your details and your institution's details, we will give you a group of coupon codes that can be used in Voxdox's in-app store. Every student or staff member will get their own personal code which will grant them with access to convert up to 500 pages every month (about 2000 minutes of audio) for free! Every user can convert up to 500 pages (about 2000 minutes of audio) every month. Some advanced editing options will not be accessible to free users but will be available for purchase at a small fee.
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