Embedding @FlipBoard into Google Sites Page via @jayatwood

Update: This solution does NOT work any more.

As I asked earlier, how does one go about embedding Flipboard ezines into a Google Sites page? Surely someone knew how to do this and I just needed to find that person! So, I tapped into the genius network of Google Certified Teachers and Jay Atwood (@jayatwood) responded:
I have embedded my Apps Script Flipboard mag on my Getting Sand Everywhere site. I used the iFrame gadget with the magazine URL: https://flipboard.com/section/google-apps-scripts-b5gLDK. It works a treat.
With that information from Jay, I was able to accomplish the embedding of the magazine in a Google Site...it looks like this when embedded on a Google Sites page:

Here are the steps I followed...

Step 1 - Edit your Google Sites page and click where you would like the embedded Flipboard ezine to go.

Step 2 - Go to INSERT -> More gadgets then do a search on iframe:

Step 3 - Choose the Include gadget (iframe) gadget

Step 4 - Paste in the address of your Flipboard magazine. In my case, it was https://flipboard.com/section/ectobuzz-bJdViE
You can, of course, customize the options to match what you would like them to be. For example, I will probably uncheck the "Display title on gadget" so that it doesn't appear.

That's pretty much it! After that, the gadget is embedded on your Google Sites web site!

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for your post. For some reason only the first page of the magazine can be flipped. The arrow buttons on two sides won't show, so can't get any further than the 2nd page. Any idea?
Chris Fletcher said…
I'm having the same problem. Any ideas for a solution?

Try pointing your mouse pointer--if you're using one--at the bottom right corner of the ezine, then scroll with the wheel. That will advance the pages, back or forward.

It's a quirk, er, feature.
Unknown said…
It seems that Flipboard has changed the URLs for magazines: no longer "/section/magazinename..." but tied to user handle, e.g., https://flipboard.com/@mryarsawich/blend-my-learning-mkg75chey

This results in a blank iframe, so I'm guessing the gadget is unable to read the content via that URL? Any ideas on a workaround?

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