Embed @Flipboard in Blogger with iFrame

In writing my blog entry on how to embed an @Flipboard magazine in Google Sites, I wondered if the iFrame embedding would work for my blog. Sure enough, it does...scroll down to see how to embed a Flipboard magazine in your Blogger entry. I suspect that the approach may work with other web sites, too!

Step 1 - Obtain URL/Address for your Flipboard magazine.
For this example, I wanted to use:

Step 2 - Get iFrame code
Not knowing how to create my own iFrame, I did a quick google search and it took me to the Online iFrame generator web site, which will take your URL from step 1 and then create the code.

Step 3 - Copy the iFrame HTML code that's generated then paste it where you want it to appear in your blog entry.

And, I pasted that code in my blog entry using the HTML view:

It's the part that starts out with a less than symbol and goes on from there. That's pretty much it!

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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Home Run Miguel!!! I saw the posts describing embedding Flipboard ezines in Google Sites. Since I am more interested in using blogs as ePortfolios, I was wonder if ezines could be embedded in a blog. Bingo! You came to the rescue! Here is more stuff on Flipboard for you; http://goo.gl/W1RF9t
Finally, I confirmed that you can indeed set notifications for Flipboard on your iOS device. (Android, not sure) Likes, collaborative additions, new subscribers, and flips can all be included in your notification feature. Certainly raises some interesting possibilities doesn't it?!? I can see the two of us presenting on this topic at a conference someday! Thanks again for this forum, and for your support - so helpful! Bob

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