Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do What Works

No matter what your level of expertise, you can always do better. The question is, "When is the status quo good enough?" It's a trade-off between investing time and effort to improve vs learning to live with the problems of how you do (or don't do) things.

When on a Search-n-Rescue camping trip in my teens, I remember setting up my tent, dropping my comfortable looking sleeping bag on the tarp. The scene was idyllic, beautifully setup and at the end of a long day and night of playing Capture the Flag, I laid down only to find I'd set my tent and sleeping bag on top of a rock. The choice was simple--dig around in the dark with my flashlight and move the rock or just "lump it." You know, live with it because making the change was too much of a pain.

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In classrooms today, as well as central offices, many of us are simply going to choose to live with the status quo. But why do we choose this? It's human nature, I suppose, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Making a change, though, can mean the world.

When I switched jobs a couple of years ago, I was thrilled at the differences. In one position, I was doing a lot without going anywhere. "You were stuck behind a turtle on the road." I forget the exact characterization but you get the idea...a hare behind a slow-moving tortoise.

Now, the situation is radically different. When people complain about their problems, I look at them in much the same way dear friends (you know who you are) did when I would answer their "How are you doing?" with a sad commentary.

Life is short. Move on. The issue isn't are you too busy to improve, it's why do you think so little of yourself and others around you to keep doing what doesn't work?

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