Crowd-Sourced Chromebook Compatibility and EOL Chart

One of the questions that pops up is, "What instructional programs is the Chromebook compatible with?" While technologists may laugh at this question (it doesn't run Java, is not based on Windows or Mac, really, what else do you need to know?), I know there are many less tech-savvy folks (e.g. instructional leaders, principals) who may have this question going around in their head.

While we may not agree with the instructional programs that may find their way into schools, my goal in crowd-sourcing this document is to get clear information on what works and what does not.

For those of you looking for reviews of Chromebooks, you may want to check out these documents:

Finally, if you would like to help update the chart embedded below, head over to this GoogleDoc. That doc features other tabs, including Chromebook compatible hardware, and Education-focused apps for Chromebook

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the Chromebook comparison chart. What a great resource!

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