Creating Textzines with @Flipboard

Jeff at The Thinking Stick wrote an excellent blog entry about using Flipboard as a textbook replacement. I couldn't agree more with his points.
I want students to have the ability to add content to their “textbook” as well. Content that we can discuss in the classroom, that can spark conversation…the real reason we come be social. What if we could have all the students in a class adding to the “textbook” have them find things that interest them on a given topic and allow them to “flip” that into our “textbook” as well. Flipboard allows that too…where you can invite others to add to your Flipboard magazine. Game changer!!!!
As an educator, curating content that fuels learning excites me. But as a lone blogger, who seeks time alone to reflect and avoid information overload by simply watching streams of information flow by without interaction, I enjoy stepping back and revisiting old content. It would be great for Flipboard to allow magazine creators to "freeze" a publication, creating a version of the magazine that remains constant forever, allowing one to effectively restart for a fresh publication date.

For example, Semester 1 students could create a textbook. That curated content in Version 1 of the Flipboard textzine could be "snapshotted" or frozen as is for eternity. Semester 2 students could begin flipping/adding content to the same textzine that Semester 1 students worked on, but it would be separate from Semester 1's version.

Alas, it we've probably already given +Flipboard too many suggestions to implement.

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