5 Tips for Quick Blog Reflections

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ICT Evangelist shares his top 5 tips on blogging for reflective practice, pointing out the following:

  1. Do it to help you improve.
  2. Do it for yourself.
  3. Use a simple to use blogging tool.
  4. Link your blog up to Twitter so that when you post, it will automatically tweet your blog post.
  5. Beware the troll.

And while I generally agree with those 5 tips, here are mine:

  1. Juxtapose new ideas with your thinking. If you are wondering what the secret to creativity is, then here's a tip that is worth exploring--juxtapose what you're reading on other blogs, magazines, seeing on television or YouTube or Vimeo, and then respond to that, blending in your reflections about some experience that either prove or disprove the point.
  2. Invite collaboration with other bloggers. Whether it's a meme or an invite for a guest post (oh no, I hope this doesn't kick off College.net or something similar sending me guest articles), you can actually get quite of excitement generated by inviting others to write blog entries. Often, folks ask blog stars, but I would be most interested in reading the out of the way blogger, the one with a bit of a twist and idea. In addition, don't just post the guest blog entry...make time to respond to it.
  3. Generate a podcast or vidcast and share that. I'm never sure whether people are listening or viewing podcasts. It seems you have to be provide pretty regular, high quality conversations, however, the podcast/vidcast gives you the opportunity to play with new media...mix things up a bit. While the all-important reader may find content fun, making the content is twice as much fun.
  4. Syndicate your work. You know, it's so easy to hook up your blog entry to your Twitter account using solutions like IFTTT.com and Twitterfeed.com. But don't stop there. Mix in other content such as tweets you favorite, then remix those into your blog RSS feed, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.
  5. Revisit old blog posts and ask yourself, Do I still believe this? One fun approach to take is to take that old blog entry you wrote 2 years ago (or farther back), and do your darnest to find a different way of looking at the situation.

What additional tips would you offer?

Here's a bonus one--after you write your blog entry, find a picture that captures one word, phrase or sentence that represents the post.

I like to imagine that most of my blogging falls into this category.... ;-)

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