Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Write

Reading about National Writing Project newsletter, and I was thrilled to find these two paragraphs by Alan Brody: Why I Write that capture some of what a blogger's motivation to discover what they know or to explore:
The old, tiresome advice to young writers is "Write about what you know." What we neglect to tell them is that they know more than they think they do and that the way to find out what they really, deeply know is to write and to leave themselves open to surprise. 
That's why I write. I write from the clues of what I already know in order to find out what I didn't know I knew. I write from the emotions I have felt to experience the deeper ones I didn't know I was capable of feeling—or that frightened me. I write for the nourishing, self-expanding thrill of that surprise. One idea leads to another. One scene demands I follow its trail to the next. The faith that sustains me is that ultimately the work will yield up its secrets and tell me what it and I and all of us are about.
Yes, one idea leads to another...and ultimately, blogging will help me yield up the secrets of what lies just beneath the surface of our knowledge, feelings and consciousness.

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