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As a writer who began using technology at age 13, I can't imagine writing without technology. Whether it was an Apple //e, a Palm handheld, a laptop, a Chromebook, an iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer, I have done 95% of my writing with technology. That's why I am baffled at the desire to force children to write by hand, to see technology as something that kids learn AFTER they've been made to learn to write by hand.

Today's Meet Chat Transcript


Ready to roll!
Hi everyone!
How do professional authors write? My guess is not much w/ pen&paper
We have iPad carts but they are only available to science and math depts
We are a 1:1 district for 6th and 9th grade
We're going Byod next school year
I have 1:1 Chromebook in my classroom. I need to improve my utilization.
What grade Shobie??
But how to include the digital writing as part of the instructional goal?
9th grade Mollie
What digital resources do you suggest for peer editing.
Education.weebly.com is a great place for students to create blogs and share their writing
Skitch is free from Evernote and kids can markup a doc using it.
Learn more about using twitter to be a connected educator in 12b at 3:45
Have kids creat their own padlets, they can easily upload writing
Thanks, Tracie!
Great idea, Amanda! Thanks!

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