#tcea14 - Twitter Panel #tweetpd featuring @bigpurplehat @friedtechnology @carrierosstx @tomwhitby @edtechchic

This Twitter panel was held at TCEA 2014 State Conference. To be honest, I hadn't planned on attending and was dragged in--my feet were tired and I had just finished my own two sessions and walking exhibit floor, so, very tired!--by a colleague. Real gems shared in this panel.

via @iPadSammy
A few familiar faces were on the panel, including Kristy Vincent (@bigpurplehat), Amy Mayer (@friedtechnology), @iPadSammy (Jon Samuelson), as well as folks I had only met in passing, such as Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby), Carrie Ross (@carrierosstx) or not such as Jessica Johnston (@edtechchic).

The hashtag for the session was #tweetpd (and you may want to check this link to Weekly Twitter Chat Times).

I snuck out towards the end of the session, so the audio ends abruptly. You may hear some conversations with folks who didn't know I was recording (or did and didn't care!). And, surprisingly, the audio was quite good even though I was literally sitting in the back room. Kudos to the sound crew and vendor (Redcat/Lightspeed?) for providing high quality sound.

My favorite quote of the session: "PD has never worked." -Tom Whitby
Yes, quite sobering.

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