#tcea14 Take-Aways and Podcasts (Updated 02/09/14)

Whew, what an exciting week chock-full of learning, sharing and growing. I'm also foot-sore, but that, thankfully, has gone away. In the meantime, I'm finding myself trying to organize all the great stuff I ran into at TCEA14, not to mention all the stuff I recorded. That's what appears below...and I'll be adding to it. I hope you'll add to the resources available in the comments!

At the conversation pictured below, Tim Holt called me the "podcast king."
iRiver T10 audio recorder (note: not my fingers)

Simply, I was trying to capture as much content to take back with me to my school district. I didn't quite realize how much I'd managed to capture--a total of 19 podcasts--with my obsolete iRiver T10 audio recorder, though!! Let that be a lesson to those of you who think all the great stuff in the world has to happen with the latest and greatest technology.

A few moments before Scott Laleman walks up and Jake (@duncanbilingual) leaves. From left to right,
Miguel Guhlin, Tim Holt, Jake, Wendy Sanders.
From Scott Laleman:
My biggest takeaways were from the conversations I had with others. Today was a perfect example. As I walked in out of the cold, I heard my name called out as I was passing by the digital square. Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin) said to me, “Tim (@timholt2007) is about to start a podcast. Sit down and join us.”Source: Scott Laleman, It's All About the Connections
While Scott and others acknowledge the power of conversations in the Digital Square, that didn't quite hit me until this conversation early Friday morning, as those of us who were grateful to make it to the Convention Center in spite of the weather, found our way.

In the meantime, here's a round-up of TCEA related goodness....

Photo Album

Miguel's Audio Recordings

  • Recorded Presentations When Miguel was in the Room
  1. Podcast of a Retrospective Chat on the Conference, Curriculum & Instruction and Tech
  2. Twitter PD Panel
  3. My Favorites from TCEA14
  4. Learning to Share on the iPad (Mary Ray)
  5. Tammy Worcester's Handouts
  6. Tell Me a Cuento - simple tools to get bilingual/ELL students talking and creating for any age across curriculum.
  7. Ten iPad Projects Students Will Love
  8. Google Academy Keynote by Liz Anderson
  9. Chromebook Classroom with Liz Anderson
  10. GoogleApps from Kern Kelley
  11. Get Going with Google Sites (Lisa Thumann)
  12. Reflections on Google Academy with Jacob Ortega
  13. Flipped Classroom Learning with Arden Curtis
  14. QR Codes in the Classroom
  15. TCEA Educator Awards Ceremony
  16. An Interview with the TCEA 2014 Tech Admin of the Year -
  17. Technology Administrator of the Year Reflection

    • Podcasts of Miguel's Presentations
    1. Writing Digitally
    2. Drinking from the Internet Firehose - Content Curation
    3. Build Your Virtual Classroom
    4. Creating Online PD That Works
    • Podcasts - Walking Around Chats Miguel Recorded

    1. MyClassFlow Presentation
    2. Chatting with Securly.com's Co-Founder
    Compilations of Resources, Notes from Others

    1. TCEA Legislative Panel via @edtechsandyk
    2. My Adventures at the 2014 TCEA Conference
    3. Got Twitter? Make It Better!
    4. "Adventures at TCEA 2014"
    5. Web Mix
    6. A Great Google Drive Tool for Taking Notes While Watching Videos
    7. Build your own app presentation
    8. App Smackdown
    9. Presentation from "A Quest for a Game Based Classroom" session
    10. "iPads for Creativity" session can be found here->
    11. 21 year twitter challenge
    12. --recommends books based on previous reads.
    13. 50+ Chrome Extensions for Educators
    14. All the apps I (Matt Gomez) have used in my Kindergarten class sorted by subject (100+)
    15. Curating TCEA14 Links - http://t.co/UPTMNwM5Zu
    16. Various resources from TechNinjas - http://www.the3techninjas.org/#!web-20-tools/c1jod
    17. Tools for the Scientific Method
    18. Resources from our Visible Thinking session w/
    19. Tons and tons of Google Resources from the Google Academy:
    20. Apps and Tools to invigorate Algebra
    21. Google Scripts + Spreadsheets = Bacon session resources and notes with
    22. push your screen to any device
    23. Preparing Schools for Mobile Learning Success
    24. web whiteboard replacing interactive whiteboards

    TCEA Session Notes and/or Handouts

    1. The Power of Story - John Quinones
    2. Great resource for Math teachers.
    3. Use Google Correlate to teach scatter plots
    4. Audio Comments with Google Docs - http://t.co/LBhTSTQ13o
    5. Recommended iPad apps - http://t.co/YhVNdgW1Km
    6. Movenote.com presentation on google apps in drive for pic in pic presentations
    7. @Holli_horton says, "We cannot give a device+few apps and expect true tech integration. Teachers need time to work apps into curriculum."
    8. Gotta check out if your classroom has nspires!
    9. Notes from Google A-Z  - Monica Martinez
    10. Get Going with Google Sites - Lisa Thumann (listen to podcast)
    11. Rev Up Classroom w/Google Dr at Resources can be found here:
    12. The basics of what iBooks Author can do (video)
    13. Great copyright info
    14. Teach Parents (or anyone else) Technology - Technical Support via video tutorials
    15. Google Scripts + Spreadsheets = Bacon session resources and notes with
    16. Explore different constitutions around the world! Constitute Project
    17. Apps for Google Drive w/
    18. PowerPoint / Handout / Parallax eBook PDFs :
    20. Missing retired google services? Go to google graveyard
    21. How to filter Google searches by reading level
    22. MIT's App Inventor Site
    23. The Dead Sea Scrolls
    And, of course, you can always try to figure out TCEA 2014's Handout Repository one click at a time.
    Some of my favorite images:

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    Sherri Guerra said…
    Miguel, your Blog is a conference in and of itself! Thanks for posting all these highlights from TCEA14, some of them I attended as well, but I'm looking forward to finding even more nuggets in your Take-aways and podcasts.

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