Monday, February 3, 2014

#tcea14 - Baker's Dozen of Google Academy Notes/Links @gbdatastream

Here are a few Google Academy (ok, maybe one Science Academy item thrown in) from tweets shared this morning!
  1. Notes from Google A-Z  - Monica Martinez
  2. Get Going with Google Sites - Lisa Thumann (listen to podcast)
  3. Rev Up Classroom w/Google Dr at Resources can be found here:
  4. The basics of what iBooks Author can do (video)
  5. Great copyright info
  6. Teach Parents (or anyone else) Technology - Technical Support via video tutorials
  7. Google Scripts + Spreadsheets = Bacon session resources and notes with
  8. Explore different constitutions around the world! Constitute Project
  9. Apps for Google Drive w/
  10. PowerPoint / Handout / Parallax eBook PDFs :
  11. Missing retired google services? Go to google graveyard
  12. How to filter Google searches by reading level
  13. MIT's App Inventor Site
  14. The Dead Sea Scrolls

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