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Podcasts - Google Academy Keynote Liz Anderson #tcea14

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Check out the TCEA 2014 Google Academy

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to attend the TCEA 2014 Google Academy with the ECISD Technology Operations Instructional Technology team members:
From Left to Right: Jacob Ortega (@techortega), Marguerite Lowak (@mlowak), Mary Ray (@mray29), Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin)

. The introduction was given by Monica Martinez (TCEA Director of Professional Learning):
Listen to Monica's Introduction

The keynote speaker was Liz Anderson, who works for Google:

In her keynote, she points out that it is now possible to give every student access to a world of information on the web, through a device and in collaboration with others around the globe. With over 30 million active users of GoogleApps for Education. Some points she shares include the following:

  1. Educators are the disruptors, the people who will come up with the content.
  2. What Google will do is provide the platform to make your innovation easier.
  3. Going Google means adopting a culture that extends beyond the classroom.
  4. Access to digital content empowers students and teachers.
  5. Students and teachers can work together anytime, anywhere
  6. Because Google exists, learning facts is less important. The shift is to focus on collaboration, insights, diverse perspectives...and students can do that in real time.
  7. Manage 4 devices or 40K all from a web browser. Wherever you are, the Google tools are the same for every user creating a consistent experience for all.
  8. Over 30 million active education users (students and staff)

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