Podcast: #tcea14 Get Going with Google Sites with @lthumann

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Get Going with Google Sites
Presented by: Lisa Thumann (@LThumann)
Assistant Director,
SGEI, Kean University
Google Sites can be an easy way to manage and organize your classroom, club or school. Learn how you can use Google Sites for student projects, curriculum review, administrative or school dashboards, teacher websites and more. A basic understanding of editing in Google Sites is a prerequisite for this session.

Helpful Tutorials

Taking Google Sites to the Next Level
  • Try using the embed gadget in the Featured category to embed a non-Google product such as a Slideshare or VoiceThread link.
  • Change the navigation to a horizontal layout under More->Edit Site Layout.
  • Add a Google+ button to a page.
  • Customize your colors and fonts\\

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