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Special thanks to Diana Benner for putting all the business cards, hard hats together!!!

Earlier today, Diana Benner (TCEA 2014 Technology Administrator of the Year) and I had the opportunity to co-present on the topic of Build Your Virtual Classroom. You can find links to the materials online at http://tinyurl.com/tcea14

In this blog entry, you'll find quick links to audio recordings made during the show...they are pretty much, well, unedited. You will also want to check out the Today's Meet that expires in 1 week for all the neat shares and info: https://todaysmeet.com/CanWeBuildIt (note: The transcript appears at the bottom of this blog post).


Session Slideshow:

Moodle complexity have you down? Wish you could just use the low-hanging fruit of the web world--wikis, blogs, free discussion forums--to build a learning management system that's open and accessible to everyone? Escape the walled garden and learn how to use open web tools.

Link to Other Resources

SlideShow & Print Handout

Today's Meet Chat Transcript:


Resources for Build Your Virtual Classroom appear online at http://tinyurl.com/tcea14
Please be professional and kind as you share your responses to the questions....
Here we go!
Tip #1: Design for experience and not for information sharing
Mapping out a course before writing it: like writing pseudocode before programming. Capture big ideas without getting lost in details.
Tip #2 Plan your course first, addressing logistics and activity planning.
Have you ever used Wix websites to make a virtual classroom?
What are a few sites similar to Todaysmeet that I can use in iTunes U to encourage collaboration?
For math it is great to tie the math to real world experience. Example is statistics of sports to relate averages
Tip #3 Decide on your online learning environment --don't be afraid to mix-n-match.
Maybe start with a wiki
Experience is more important than the content. Should be fun & ENGAGE the student.
I love Google because its free. Are all of the others mentioned free too?
Haiku and CourseSites - cloud based LMS sites. Easy to use and allows student collaboration
Used Moodle "back in the day" but district ended up taking away the Moodle server
https://atutor.ca/ this is another free lms.
I love the idea of changing our approach to the culture of our students. Differentiation is key- not only in teaching but also in approach.
Love it...... Great presenters:)
MyBigCampus has been nice on our campus. Any comments on MBC?
If you are google apps for ed- google groups can be your wiki.
He is saying schoolboy has easy interface.
I could not here the reply about schoology. Please repeat.
We're the largest user of Project Share in Texas... but it's pretty awful.
Due to different levels/styles of learning I need something to address multiple needs simultaneously w/o drawing attention to them
Schoology = user friendly, has mobile apps, clean design, Facebook-like updates page. Like it a lot.
Tip#4 Personalize learning experiences with multimedia components for different learners' needs
Top LMS listed: http://www.learndash.com/20-most-popular-learning-management-systems-infographic/
Voice Thread is a really cool site/app. You can create videos and students can respond by typing, speaking, doodling, or video.
Tip#5 Address the social dimension of learning and setup places people can interact
@EricaR, padlet? Infused Learning?
Static course content is important, but we don't talk enough about the value of dynamic personalized content added throughout the course.
So is My Big Campus like Edmodo?
what is the specific link for getting the step by step for setting up a course from scratch?
I use Remind 101. It is secure and I really like it. you can put the app on your phone.
remind 101 to send out messages to students
Dynamic content examples: short screencasts for announcements, showcasing student work, making it personal, answering Q's, giving feedback.
MBC is similar to Edmodo. It isn
*it isn't free
google hangout
Instagram pictures of homework assignments and reminders.
Encourage interactions? Design time to brainstorm and ask questions before, discuss during, reflect after... interact at every step.
Tip #6 Offer a variety of assessment options and activities in your virtual classroom space.
Thanks Amanda
Great info today, thanks for the session @jmg84 or @kcisd_tech
I use Edmodo and have been for years. Easy to attach flipped lessons, grade and respond to assignments and communicate. Interested in Sites.
We have an issue with flipped videos due to YouTube block. And suggestions on another way to share videos safely?
We have the same issue with blocked YouTube
Touchcast is another great tool available for iPad.
School tube works just like you tube.
Quizzes are useful, but we over-use multiple choice questions. Do more open-ended. Ask students to write+answer the key questions. Etc.
Miguel, why did you switch from edmodo to google sites?
I've researched other hosting sites for videos, but they all cost. Have wanted to try SchoolTube.
Ck12.org is great! Especially math & science. Quizzes, study guides, real world, links and tutorials.
They encourage repurposing, so it's perfect to use as online content
Brittany- Twitter?
Join my pln @bmschroeder82
I use Celly for my text service for my students. Similar to Remind 101 but you can attach files, have dialogue with kids, and schedule texts
can you add a calendar to weebly?
weebly (?) how do you spell it?
Weebly. Yes I added google calendars to weebly with HTML code. Easy
I also use an app Knowmia Teach to create my flipped videos. You can upload documents, enable webcam, videos into your own video. The best!
Wordpress is great! As long as your district doesn't block blogs...
You can also upload your Knowmia video to your site, YouTube, etc. you can also attach assignments to your video thru www.knowmia.com
Easy app or website to record 2-3 minute videos with small file size??
Everything you did on Moodle, can you do on google sites?
Record 2-3min videos easily: screencast-o-matic.com, screenr.com. Can send link or download as .mp4, upload to YouTube, etc.
Thanks- I've used screencast o matic before.
I use aver software to create instructional videos.
Biology blog/class site@ mrsschroederbiology.wordpress.com
I use Google Calendar as my daily agenda, so students know to come in, login to Google and can find any links or files they need.
katrina's website: https://sites.google.com/a/bisdmail.net/a-slice-of-pi/
@mrgollihar join my PLN

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