Exploring @Hubic - An Alternative to Dropbox

It's easy to pass up 25gigs of free storage, especially when I already have 16gigs free on Dropbox, 20 gigs on GoogleDrive in addition to the free storage they provide. Still, I decided to sign up for a free Hubic account because it's kept in France, which is where my primary email provider (Gandi.net) is.

Why did I take my business out of the U.S.? Well, that's a 3-letter answer--NSA.

That aside, some features I immediately noticed that Hubic is missing:
  1. selective sync
  2. easy app-based move files around from folder to folder (no problem on the web though)
  3. image previews
  4. sharing files ("publish") for longer than 5, 10, or 30 day increments they provide (this is a biggie for me since I often use Dropbox for podcast storage sharing, both videos/audio).
Some features that I do like:
  1. Nice web interface
  2. Auto-upload camera images to storage
  3. Cross-platform for the most part, esp on Android and iOS
  4. Linux version is in beta, so I hope it will get going.

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