Avoid the Quest for the Best: Playing and Learning for Fun

When at work, one of the profound challenges I face is remembering to have fun. It's so easy, especially as "a boss," to get serious about the work. When I get to present at conferences, I rekindle the enjoyment of learning something and then sharing it with others.

A few years ago, I was listening to an NPR broadcast sharing about people playing the violin. Some folks dropped it after awhile because, while they enjoyed the experience, found they would never be the best. That quest for the best, well, it's a will-sapper.

That's why I so enjoyed Angela's blog entry and the points she makes in this section about rediscovering the love of what we do:
We ought to be in a constant awareness of amateur in what we do professionally.
The moment we lose our amatuer-ism, when we try to position ourselves as experts, we lose the pure love of what we do and start to drink our own Kool-aid.
When working with your team, take a few moments to celebrate your own amateur status. In doing so, you will be reminded of how to learn and how to love.
It may be that some will look at my blog, my writing, what I do as always a little short of the best. It is at those times, when I feel the unspoken challenge, that I remind myself, "Thank goodness, I'm an amateur. What I strive for isn't to be the best, but to best enjoy what I am learning, and sharing that as I'm doing it."

Of course, it's not an either/or proposition. You can have fun and be the best, too.

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