A: Drive to B:Drive - Copying a USB Drive on Linux with DD #tcea14

Yesterday and for a part of today, I spent some time making copies of a USB flash drive that I'd loaded up with TCEA14 goodies! The flash drives are my "just in case" insurance if/when (prob the latter) when wireless access fails at the TCEA State Conference next year (it will...no reflection on TCEA. Too many mobile devices are floating around, especially in my session!).
USB Copy Station - I could have used this but...didn't have one at the time!

The USB Flash drives are loaded with PeppermintOS--I tried Crunchbang Linux (#!), but I couldn't get it to dual-boot properly on the Macbook Air (VirtualBox is no problem), and I didn't want to carry two laptops around on Wednesday at TCEA--and needed to be copied. 22 flash drives later, about 4-5 minutes apiece, I'm done. I'm not going to figure out that took to get ready for just ONE workshop, but it was all fun, so there.

The command--oh, that elusive command--washed up on the shore of Google search results:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=8M && sync
It sorta breaks down like this:

if - this is input file
of - this is output file

The input file (if) is the original USB drive, loaded with 3.5 gigs of goodness, and the output file (of) is the copy. I simply plugged in the original USB drive, found out which one it was (/dev/sdb) with the command df -h (sudo fdisk -l also works), then plugged in the copy into another USB port on my computer. This is a far cry from making floppy disk copies, but the concept is the same. Copy from A: drive to B: drive with the command. This command, I suspect, will also work at the Terminal/command line on a Mac.

I'm now making copies of all my USB flash drives (i carry one around in every bag just in case I need one...like when I visit a classroom on my day off in another district, and someone needs help accessing files...happens all the time). It looks like this:

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