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The Weather Outside is Frightful but @BlooveMobile is so Delightful!

Tomorrow, I may be stuck at home, kept home by light precipitation turned to ice and/or snow. The wind is roaring outside, as if Old Man Winter's exhalations were imprecations against usually sunny San Antonio, Texas.
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As many across Texas hope for a night cold enough to give them a day off--even if they have to make it up later--on a Friday, school district administrators are reaching for their phones, making sure that they can easily send text messages out to key personnel, who will in turn, send out their own waves of messages.

While some districts may enjoy formal systems that allow one to program an outgoing message (e.g. SchoolMessenger, Immediate Response Information System (IRIS), ParentLink), these juggernaut systems are seldom used for small teams who need to get the message out.

Instead, they may decide to rely on a tool like, which connects to your mobile phone and uses it to send out SMS/text messages to whomever you choose. I've written about Bloove several times before, but just felt I had to ring the bell again in case you hadn't heard about it!!

What I love about Bloove--aside from the fact that it's free plan works perfectly for me, although upgrading is certainly worth considering for an organization--is that I can organize contacts in my Gmail account, which are automatically synchronized to my Android phone, then these contacts appear in Bloove's web interface. There, I can organize them into various groups, such as "Curriculum," "Technology," etc. Here is what that looks like:

As you can see in the image above, I'm able to select all the contacts in a particular group, and then click the SEND SMS button:

What I like about this is that I can easily SEND SMS to multiple recipients--I've done quite large groups--and all the messages are actually sent via my phone. I see them on my phone, but Bloove handles all the mechanics of sending it to each individual. What a time-saver! Can you imagine having to type in people's phone numbers or select groups to send to via your phone? Instead you do the hard work on computer and then Bloove connects to your phone using it's agent:

Unfortunately, Bloove doesn't work with all phones....
All modern Android 2.x, Windows Mobile 6.x, Symbian and most of SE & Nokia J2ME based mobile phones are supported by Bloove. You can find a detailed list of Bloove supported phones on our site.
Currently we've delayed Bloove Agent development for Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry because they both don't provide API access to SMS and only contact sync is possible. "For security reasons" Windows Phone 7 doesn't provide API to access contacts, SMS and phone calls at all. So we're not going to support WP7 until it's changed. (Read more)

I've used this countless times to let people know what's happening. If you're not using a "big" solution, consider taking advantage of to enable you to quickly send out messages. The weather outside is frightful? No problem, "Bloove your text message" to your team and give them a day off!

Update: Yes, indeed, I am at home today due to inclement weather...and I've already sent out my text messages to my team:

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