The Missing Conversations

One of my favorite questions:
What conversations are we not having as district leaders that prevent our organization moving forward?
That's an easy one to answer for Instructional Technology departments in school districts.
  1. Why is technology not blended into curriculum units?
  2. Why are curriculum specialists allowed to facilitate professional learning without technology integrated into their andragogy?
  3. Why are principals "given a pass" when it comes to meeting minimum technology standards, like ISTE's Standards for Administrators?
  4. Why are classroom teachers allowed to teach without technology?
  5. Why are school districts allowed to push new programs out but fail to demand technology be a part of them?
  6. Why are students not required to create, collaborate and connect on a global basis when working on assignments?
  7. Why don't we have minimum technology integration standards that all teachers are required to adhere to?
  8. Why don't we assess and hire teachers with these standards in mind?
  9. Why don't we equip new teachers, and inservice teachers, with the technology they need as they are coming into the district?
We could easily come up with more questions using the classroom learning activity rubric.

What questions would you add to this list?

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