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Do you know of a resource that allows you to easily post to multiple social media sites at once verses having to go to each one individually and post?  (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
Also, is there a resource for monitoring multiple social media resources in one centralized location? (web site and features apps for mobile devices) and allow you to easily post to multiple social media sites at once. One of the key questions to ask is, "Where are you going to start posting?" (point of origin)

BLOG or Google Sites Announcement
I like to start with a blog or GoogleSites announcement because it has an RSS feed. This RSS feed can then be "fed" to web site. You can build recipes in that will take the content from the RSS feed and share it via various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter,email, ReadItLater's Pocket). You post ONCE, takes care of the rest automatically.

That works well when you're posting blog entries. What about 'just-in-time' information that you don't want to blog, just tweet about? The best place to start is Google+. You post to Google+ and then it is shared to Twitter. Once in Twitter, it can be shared to Facebook, emailed, etc.

Here's how I do this.

Do you find resources in Twitter/Facebook that you want to share via your organization's social media outlets? Then use ReadItLater's Pocket--works on all mobile devices and the web--to "tag" content. 

Use an recipe to grab tagged content and share it to a particular social network that you want. If you share it via Hootsuite, you can determine what account (e.g. organization) to share it through.

Here are some resources (articles,video tutorials) I'm sharing at TCEA14 that you may find relevant:

While Hootsuite provides a one-stop-shop for monitoring content, you have to do the work yourself.

That's why I like to use SocialMention's advanced search since it will search across various networks and compile the results, as shown below:

There are other tools available in this article, Top 10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools.

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