Google Announces Education Learning Center

An announcement from Google...

Google for Education Learning Center

We're excited to share the release of our new Google for Education Learning Center to support the training and professional development of teachers globally.  

Learning Center Highlights:
  • New online lessons on Google tools providing the What educators should know about our key offerings, and most importantly How to apply in the class.
    • Basics Exam to show fundamental understanding; for educators in developed and emerging markets (super for staff, students and parents as well)
    • Google Educator certification - scaleable, online certification for teachers
    • New and updated courses and supporting exams
  • New teacher resources with 100s of how-to videos, best practice guides, lesson plans, case studies and more... built by teachers, for teachers

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Questions?  Please reach out to
Lots of great content available here...check it out! I was thrilled by the training videos. In the meantime, have you seen Charlene Chausis' presentation on Google Chrome apps and extensions? Worth viewing!

Also, I have to point how much I really like the MXHero Toolbox Chrome extension. has a nice article about it. Having used MXHero Toolbox, I can highly recommend it at this time. 

The screenshot below highlights the main features:

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