Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Embedding Twitter Searches on a Web Site

"Hey," points out Diana Benner, "the embedded Twitter feeds aren't working anymore!"
I just sigh. Twitter has messed up my entire activity for the workshop, Crafting Online PD That Works, which involves audience participation in solving a problem a la PBL.

Just yesterday, I switched the activities to just doing canned Twitter searches. Then, while reviewing my Twitter search about a hashtag, I noticed something new:

So, when you click on EMBED THIS SEARCH, you'll see the following:

As you can see, you can have various timeline sources. It appears this feature isn't fully implemented yet because I don't see any results popping up,'s about time for Twitter to do something like this. It would be great if they could get the Search timeline done by Friday so I could use it for our workshop next week at TCEA...this might make up for removing RSS support for Twitter feeds!

Update: It's working! Way to go Twitter!!!

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