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Embedding Twitter Searches on a Web Site

"Hey," points out Diana Benner, "the embedded Twitter feeds aren't working anymore!"
I just sigh. Twitter has messed up my entire activity for the workshop, Crafting Online PD That Works, which involves audience participation in solving a problem a la PBL.

Just yesterday, I switched the activities to just doing canned Twitter searches. Then, while reviewing my Twitter search about a hashtag, I noticed something new:

So, when you click on EMBED THIS SEARCH, you'll see the following:

As you can see, you can have various timeline sources. It appears this feature isn't fully implemented yet because I don't see any results popping up,'s about time for Twitter to do something like this. It would be great if they could get the Search timeline done by Friday so I could use it for our workshop next week at TCEA...this might make up for removing RSS support for Twitter feeds!

Update: It's working! Way to go Twitter!!!

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Go Public Project #bexar #sanews #txeduchat

Why don't you support K-12 Bexar County Public Schools and add this to your blog or web site?

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#tcea14 - Legislative Advocacy Event at TCEA 2014 State Conference

As you know, legislative advocacy is a critical role all educators must play. Passive, sheep-like behavior as educators and teachers does NOT serve those we strive to educate, and apathy, ignorance hurt our society as a whole. If we do not show up to advocate on behalf our children, our work, our values and beliefs as educators, then others with radical agendas will destroy them. Since those radical agendas usually have big money behind them, rather than our children's best interests, I encourage you, if you are able, to attend this event at TCEA.
-Miguel Guhlin

Panel Topic: How Technology Can Assist with the Implementation of HB 5

TCEA would like to invite you to a special advocacy event at the TCEA 2014 Convention & Exhibition onTuesday,February 4th, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in room 18D at the Austin Convention Center.

Join a panel of policy makers and elected officials as they discuss the challenges of the implementation of HB 5 and how technology can be used to ensure that all s…

Podcast - Seven Tactics or Surviving Leadership Transitions via @coolcatteacher #ecmatters

How exciting to see that Vicki "CoolCatTeacher" Davis' interview with a relative unknown, "Michael Guhlin," has been published! Thank you, Vicki! She has a whole series going so be sure to check out her blog at to get access to more content!

The conversation Vicki and I had so long ago (it sure seems that way now) was centered around a blog entry and article I wrote entitled,  7 Tips for Surviving Leadership in Transition. You can read the whole article for the details, but here are the tips again:

Establish a baseline for improvement based on researched needs.Be transparent and visible about what you're doing to address the District's needs and tell everyone about it as much as possibleBuild infrastructure that will support instructional efforts, regardless of their source. Encourage leaders around you.Give all credit away to the people to whom it belongs--the ones doing the work. Connect to others outside and inside your …

Podcasting Fun

Simple Podcasting StepsAdapted from Podcast for Free-CastWiki

Scaffolding the Steps:
The podcasting process is as simple as having a conversation about what you're passionate about:

1) Be passionate.
2) Blog some notes for listeners.
3) Perform your podcast.
4) Syndicate your blog.

1) Be passionate.

2) Blog some notes for listeners. Feel what you want to say, think about it, and jot down some notes for yourself and readers. Avoid lengthy notes and feel free to deviate from them. You can always improve them to match your talk.

3) Perform your podcast. Of course, you'll want to record it. Some suggestions:
Use your microphone or digital audio recorder (iAudio U2 is recommended) to record your conversationUse the free audio editing software Audacity to add your beginning and end pieces, as well as your music.Save the blended music file as MP3 or OGG to your computer's hard drive.Upload your audio file to a server (e.g. school server or if that's unavailable, OurMedia or Internet Ar…

Google Announces Education Learning Center

An announcement from Google...

We're excited to share the release of our new Google for Education Learning Center to support the training and professional development of teachers globally.  
Learning Center Highlights: New online lessons on Google tools providing the What educators should know about our key offerings, and most importantly How to apply in the class. New exams and certifications: Basics Exam to show fundamental understanding; for educators in developed and emerging markets (super for staff, students and parents as well) Google Educator certification - scaleable, online certification for teachers New and updated courses and supporting exams New teacher resources with 100s of how-to videos, best practice guides, lesson plans, case studies and more... built by teachers, for teachers
Spread the word!

Questions?  Please reach out to marcramos@google.comLots of great content available here...check it out! I was thrilled by the training videos. In the meantime, have you seen Charlen…

Loving @LucidPress - Collab Web and Desktop Publishing

A few weeks ago, I threw my hands up. "After all these years," I cried, "why can't anyone make an easy to use, simple but powerful desktop publishing tool?" You see, I was in the midst of creating a print newsletter for my work. I thought, "Some easy program to use would be great!"
A veteran desktop publishing--after all, PRINT was IN during my time growing up and as a young education professional--nut, I wasn't looking for Scribus (which wasn't as easy as I'd hoped), or LibreOffice or Apple's Pages. None of those tools quite did it for me.

Then, I tried and absolutely love it! I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Here's what my current layout looks like:

Update:What the final product looks like

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can easily add multiple pages. Another neat feature is that you have your image library close to hand...images from ALL publications you've created are available, not jus…

Posting to Multiple Social Media Sites #tcea14

Do you know of a resource that allows you to easily post to multiple social media sites at once verses having to go to each one individually and post?  (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
Also, is there a resource for monitoring multiple social media resources in one centralized location? (web site and features apps for mobile devices) and allow you to easily post to multiple social media sites at once. One of the key questions to ask is, "Where are you going to start posting?" (point of origin)

BLOG or Google Sites Announcement
I like to start with a blog or GoogleSites announcement because it has an RSS feed. This RSS feed can then be "fed" to web site. You can build recipes in that will take the content from the RSS feed and share it via various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter,email, ReadItLater's Pocket). You post ONCE, takes care of the rest automatically.


Simplifying Protection of Confidential Data

While I've written often about the importance of encrypting data, it's always fun to revisit this topic:

Encrypting Evernote (and email) with Mailvelope:
My list of encryption tools:

If we rely on a simple lock/unlock scenario to protect confidential data, here's what it might look like:

Lock/Unlock Your Email
Watch video tutorial Lock/Unlock Your Files

Start up the SSE File Encryption file on your DesktopType in your secret password.Drop the files you want to encrypt or decrypt your files into the SSE box.

Watch video tutorial These approaches will only work on a desktop or laptop computer, not an iPad or iPhone. Android devices can get the SSE File Encryptor mobile app version.

The video tutorials are intended for use in a school district as a way of securing confidential information.
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The Weather Outside is Frightful but @BlooveMobile is so Delightful!

Tomorrow, I may be stuck at home, kept home by light precipitation turned to ice and/or snow. The wind is roaring outside, as if Old Man Winter's exhalations were imprecations against usually sunny San Antonio, Texas.

As many across Texas hope for a night cold enough to give them a day off--even if they have to make it up later--on a Friday, school district administrators are reaching for their phones, making sure that they can easily send text messages out to key personnel, who will in turn, send out their own waves of messages.

While some districts may enjoy formal systems that allow one to program an outgoing message (e.g. SchoolMessenger, Immediate Response Information System (IRIS), ParentLink), these juggernaut systems are seldom used for small teams who need to get the message out.

Instead, they may decide to rely on a tool like, which connects to your mobile phone and uses it to send out SMS/text messages to whomever you choose. I've written about Bloove se…

Google Summit in Louisiana!

The following announcement is from Dr. Sheryl Abshire from Calcasieu Parish Public Schools in Louisiana:
Texas Technology Leaders and Colleagues, Please take a few minutes to review the information below. We are proud to host a Google Summit this year. The summit will be held in our district and hosted by the Calcasieu Parish Public Schools (CPSB). It will be held at Sulphur High School in Sulphur, Louisiana on February 22 and 23, 2014.
This location has easy access from interstate 10 and there are several very nice, inexpensive hotels in the area. The cost for the two day summit, which includes continental breakfast and lunch fortwo days is $249.00 with an early bird discount if participants register before January 31, 2014.Please note that CPSB is not seeking the payment. The fees are set and collected by Google. There will be national and international speakers at the Louisiana Google Summit. The Google team and our staff have planned an informative and exciting weekend for you!

Avoid Sucker's Choices When Choosing Technology for Schools

Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson continues to the conversation begun by Tim Holt, George Couros, Chris Lehmann and highlighted by Dr. Scott McLeod:
This 90% debate is worthless. Would you try a cancer cure that is 90% effective - if the alternative is no cancer cure? Would you marry a woman who makes you happy 90% of the time - if the alternative is never marrying? Would you try a teaching method that works for 90% of your students - if the alternative is keeping on doing the same old, same old?Wait for 100%, Miguel, and you'll wait forever. Yes, I'll take 90% functionality in the device I can afford today, rather than wait for the mythical 100% tomorrow.

Of course, I don't disagree with this assertion. Even 80%, much less 90%, of the list of learning activities--which I've detailed for the purposes of this conversation online for your review--of the conversation make the technologies under discussion worthwhile. I suspect the root of this argument is less…