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Welcome to the Weekly Webinar Series on Digitizing the Writing Workshop. The co-hosts for Weekly Webinar Series on Digitizing the Writing Workshop include Diana Benner (Del Valle ISD, Tx) and Miguel Guhlin (East Central ISD, Tx). Find out more--such as the schedule for webinars, recordings and future guests--about the series online at http://tinyurl.com/etchweb  or Twitter Hashtag: #etchweb
Note: You can earn credit for participating--along with a certificate--for this series if you are a Del Valle ISD or East Central ISD teacher. Watch the vidcast linked below for more information.

Featuring Cynthia Rodriguez
On December 4th, second grade teacher Cynthia Rodriguez shared how she uses iPads during writing workshop, as well as to enhance math and science. All 20 of her students have access to iPads in her classroom as part of the East Central ISD's EC3 Program, which is described below:
EC3 Program prepares students for the digital world that requires create and collaborate with others using digital media. Mobile devices chosen provide students an elements of choice, novelty, and engagement. Student achievement, behavior, and attendance (per anecdotal information provided)  is positively impacted by each of these elements, and teachers build key competencies to build digital learning environments.
You can view the EC3 Showcase online. Some of projects created by Cynthia's students, as well as Kim Holland (Partner Teacher), appear online.

My Notes on Cynthia's Presentation

  1. Students can do it, and so can the teacher.
  2. We talk about how to generate ideas, pull pictures from the Camera Roll so they can generate ideas for writing.
  3. The 4 sections of how stories go is reflected in the anchor chart.
  4. Audio stories really work well in my 2nd grade classroom. When students decide on their topic, students are allowed to do an audio story using tools like Shadow Puppets. The final product is published in an iBook. This allows them to publish their audio stories in the classroom.
  5. This allows students to get a sketch, or idea, about what they want to write about. Then, they listen to their audio story and they are able to write their story...they write on paper but they generate/publish ideas for writing with their iPad.
  6. Anchor charts... this has been a big push in our district on getting kids to generate ideas and reference what we've talked about. We don't have to worry that kids have forgotten.
  7. I like to use the iPad to capture the anchor charts--in case we run out of wall space--and students keep that in their camera roll so they can reference it. With digital anchor charts, we can pull them from off the web...I don't have to make them all.
  8. We are able to AirDrop anchor charts to each other's iPads. This is definitely something I thought possible. Instead of a journal in your desk (which is often lost), you now have anchor charts in your digital journal on your iPad (Camera Roll).
  9. I share pictures of anchor charts with my partner teachers.
  10. Publishing on iPads...a lot of people are telling me how kids can't type on an iPad since we can't do it that well as adults. But we have to remember that kids have had a different experience with small screens. 
  11. Skitch and WriteAboutThis are two of my favorite apps to use with students, but you can publish with almost any app on the iPad. 
  12. Special Needs students see their creations, their published books and they don't question that they are writers, which is a different experience with the iPad.
  13. Their illustrations they've made or pulled from the web are created with the iPads. "Can you tell me how you did that? That's awesome!"
  14. Students write text to include in their creations to accompany pictures/images. Students are writing in math, science, and use Educreations. Students are able to create their own word problems, and it's based on reading and writing. Across content areas, students are utilizing what they learn in writer's workshop.
  15. Students publish it on their iPad, then AirDrop it to teachers, or post it to ECTV (youtube streaming service) channel for EC3.

Show Links
  1. Weekly Webinar Series page for Cynthia, which includes her slideshow and more
  2. Student Project Created Using Shadow Puppet - Students use the Shadow Puppet app to demonstrate their understanding of various strategies for addition and subtraction.
  3. Student Project Created Using Educreations and Shadow Puppet
  4. iPad apps mentioned:
    1. Shadow Puppet
    2. Educreations
    3. WriteAboutThis
    4. iBook


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