Saturday, December 7, 2013

Presentation Setup for #iPad

I am a national presenter and use air server to show my ipad on the big screen for demonstrating apps.  Is there any reason why I would want appleTV instead?  I often present in hotels with not-so-great internet connections....therefore I have always used a dongle to avoid that issue.  What do you think is my best option???
Hmm...I often use the Reflector program--works on Windows and Mac, inexpensive--to reflect my iPad. This allows me to walk around the room with iPad in-hand while all audio/video from iPad is shared via computer+digital projector.
If you're looking for less to carry, then you might try this trick:
"The trick to presenting from an iPad wirelessly is to throw an Apple AirPort Express and Apple TV into the mix, which gives you a private wireless network to work within. In my experience, one can never rely solely on a venue's public Wi-Fi."
Read more online at
Great stuff in that article. The idea of creating your own private wireless network is brilliant, although I haven't had to worry about it in my presentation venues since I could rely on school district networks.
AirPort Express web site:
What would you do?

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Mr. RCollins said...

When using an Apple TV with an iPad, mirroring the screen will not fill up the projected image, it will show up as a smaller square in the middle.

For this person, I'd keep on using the AirServer app on his/her laptop. If the wireless is flakey, set up the laptop to share it's wireless, so then it's the hot spot. I would also keep a VGA dongle for the iPad handy just in case.

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