Genius Anatomy of a Twitter Tutorial - QR Codes @misspelegg

After tweeting about QR Codes on postcards (thx @tombrush1982) to my team members, a link shared via #satchat, I found myself in conversation with MissPELegg (The HeathLand School), who may be a Physical Education teacher in the United Kingdom. Wow! Isn't that exciting?

Her question, as I finally came to understand it, was, How do you link to images using QR Codes? In response to that question, I shared a couple of tweets yesterday as I went about taking care of some personal priorities, that regrettably, kept me from attending the Google20 Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The exchange resulted in a short tutorial in something I'm quite comfortable doing, but that MissPELegg apparently hadn't done before. What a wonderful opportunity to share something familiar with another person "around the corner" in the UK. It brings home for me the value of blogging about what you are familiar with so that others can learn. Of course, I have been on the receiving end for so many insights that I'm thrilled to be a part of this conversation.

The genius isn't the person sharing, but in the fact that through genius connections, we are able to learn from each other.

and, finally:

Relevant Links:

  1. UniTagLive QR Code Maker - allows you to make QR codes that have images of your own selection/make in them.

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Joe Dale said…
I'd recommend using the Droplr app and uploading an image to it which automatically copies its URL to the clipboard and then turning that into a QR code using the QR coder bookmark -

Best wishes

Joe Dale

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