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Cool Chrome Apps - Chess, Video and Audio #wevideo #google #chromebook #gct

Awash in great information shared daily, I have to call attention to some neat shares by Google-Certified-Teachers (GCTs) made earlier this week:

Share #1 - Saving Your Chess Match to GoogleDrive

Who knew you could play chess and save the game in Google Drive? Apparently Steve Philip did! He writes:
I came across this today: Chess on Drive. I know there are lots of Chess apps out there, but I thought this is a really cool idea - storing the game in Drive - might revolutionise Chess Clubs in Google Apps schools.
Share #2 - Video Editing on Google Chromebooks
WeVideo in Chrome Store
Colleen Murray writes:
I'd like to use movie making in my hs history class. We use chromebooks often but have access to pc's. The kids use sites for eportfolios. Do you have suggestions as to what tool will work best with sites and ideally chromebooks, too?
Lucie delaBruere responds by sharing these links about WeVideo, which is well-worth clicking through:

Share #3 - Audio Editing on Chromebook
Two main contenders I ran across in the Chrome Store for this, including TwistedWave. Imagine recording some audio via your browser or importing it from GoogleDrive. Aviary would have been my favorite pick but they are no longer around (sigh).

Here's what TwistedWave Audio Editor looks like:
Create a free account in the beta TwistedWave

What editing audio imported from GoogleDrive looks like
Your list of files in can export to a wide variety of file formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, etc.
Another editor is TuneKitten. I wasn't as enamored of this one as much as TwistedWave, but it does allow you some simple highlighting of audio and editing (cut-copy-paste), as shown below:

Again,  a very simple audio editor that may work well for folks new to audio editing. i also tried Audiotool but it didn't work on my Chrome browser running Linux. :-(

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